CFD Solver using Line-DG and VTM for Vortex Flows

Fletcher, T ; Brown, R: Simulation of wind turbine wake interaction using the vorticity transport model

My Master’s Thesis work was on Turbine-Turbine interactions modeled using vorticity transport model techniques accelerated by a line-based discontinuous Galerkin discretization method. A large part is based on the work of Persson (Line-based DG) and Brown and Line (Vorticity Transport Model).

Those interested in an introduction to DG might find my notes on applying DG to a 1D scalar conservation law useful. It remains unfinished, but can be found here: 1D ScalarConsv DG. This effort was largely supplanted by my “Intro to DG” online lecture series on YouTube.

The easiest to digest form of the results is likely the AIAA conference paper, which summarizes my results: pdf on my GitHub. If you prefer your info in the form of slides the talk I gave at HKUST several months after the AIAA conference that incorporates some additional work and clarity, is also on my Github. If you just want pretty pictures, I have some results videos under Media.

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