About Me

Hi! My name is Josh Bevan and I would best describe myself as a Computational Engineer. This is equal parts prescriptive and descriptive; I enjoy working in multi-disciplinary areas of research, and I also have a varied background touching on several related fields. Put simply: the thing I am most interested in doing is math on computers to solve engineering problems.
I’ve been an RA/TA in the CompSci group in the CS PhD program at UIUC. Before that, I was an engineer at Cambrooke Therapeutics while I also got my Master’s degree at University of Massachusetts: Lowell in Mechanical Engineering.
My research background has been in reducing the computational cost of high-order PDE solution techniques to make them feasible for real-world simulation of physical phenomena. Besides numerical PDEs I’m also interested in Linear Algebra, High Performance Computing, Applied Math, NLP, ML, data science, and whatever random Wikipedia article happens to be open in one of my browser tabs! I enjoy hiking, backpacking, and running.
Feel free to take a look at my resume!